I’m an illustrator – how do I submit samples for consideration?

We’re always pleased to hear from new illustrators. If you wish to send in some samples of your work, be sure to include colour and black and white illustrations, and to enclose as many varied samples as possible. We welcome samples submitted on paper, on disk or as e-mailed files.

We keep the best samples on file here for consideration for future projects, but if you want us to return your samples, please be sure to include an appropriate S.A.E. Do not send original artwork as samples as we cannot be liable for their security.

I have an idea for a book...

We welcome ideas for books of all kinds – for children of all ages, for teenagers, Welsh learners and adults. The more details you can send us, the better, but there’s no need to send in completed typescripts unless we have requested these.

Ideally, you should send a letter outlining your idea, with an attachment giving a more detailed description and a sample of the project.

You may need to wait some months before you get a reply to your submission, but if you’d like to receive an acknowledgement that your letter has arrived, please include a stamped, self-addressed postcard with your letter. We can also send acknowledgements by email should you request one.

Again, if you want your work returned, please be sure to include an appropriate S.A.E. We cannot respond to submissions sent from abroad, but would be willing to liaise electronically in such instances.

I’m a freelance designer looking for work. How should I introduce myself to the company?

Send in a CV and samples of your previous work. Be sure to include as many varied samples as possible and to include your contact details. We will not enter into further correspondence unless we have suitable projects available.

I’m looking for work . . . do you have any jobs available?

We advertise any permanent or temporary posts in the press and media. Occasionally, we will be looking for someone with specific skills such as copy editors, designers, translators, typesetters etc to work on short term contracts. If you think you have a skill that could prive useful, you’re welcome to send in your details to be held on file for future reference.

I’d like to reproduce some material from a Dref Wen book – what should I do?

All books and other materials published by Dref Wen are subject to copyright and you should not reproduce any part of any published material for any purposes without prior consent from the publisher. Please contact the company outlining your requirements – give as much detail as possible – and we will provide you with guidance as to how you can comply with copyright law.

I want to submit a substantial order for Dref Wen books – what should I do?

We can offer special discounts for substantial orders. Please contact the office before placing your order.

I want to pay by cheque – can I still order via the website?

Yes. Use the website to note the titles and ISBN’s of the books you wish to order, then contact the office on 029 20617860 to discuss your order. If you’re ordering via the website, you will need to pay by credit card, but we can deal with cheques and invoices if you contact the company directly.

I’d like to contact one of Dref Wen’s authors / illustrators – what should I do?

Our authors and illustrators are usually happy to receive correspondence from readers, but we cannot provide you with their personal contact details. Write to them care of the company office – mark their names clearly on any envelopes and send your letters to Dref Wen, 28 Church Rd, Whitchurch, cardiff CF14 2EA. We will forward any correspondence on your behalf.

I’d like to give some feedback or write a review of one of Dref Wen’s books – how should I go about it?

We do not publish reviews on the website at present, but we hope to provide an opportunity to do so sometime in the future. In the meantime, you’re welcome to send in your comments and observations via post@drefwen.com.