Pengwin yr Eira


Yn yr Antarctig rhewllyd mae un pengwin bach chwilfrydig yn penderfynu mynd i weld yr i a'r eira a'r mr. Ar ei daith mae'n gweld dau forfil glas, teulu o forloi a haig o forfilod eraill, ond cyn hir mae Pengwin yn dechrau gweld eisiau ei deulu ei hun. Weithiau, dod adref yw'r antur orau i gyd.

In the frozen Antarctic, one curious little penguin decides to explore the ice, the snow and the sea. On his travels he sees two two bluewhales, a family of sea lions and a whole school of orca but soon, Penguin starts to miss his own family. Sometimes coming home is the best adventure of all.

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  • ISBN: 9781784230845

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